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Get Current and Stay Safe with All Around Alaska Flight School's Flight Review Program

The All Around Alaska Flight School Flight Review Program

As a pilot, it’s critical to stay current and maintain proficiency in order to ensure the safety of yourself, your passengers, and others in the air. However, finding the time and resources to complete the required flight review every two years can be challenging.

That’s where All Around Alaska Flight School comes in. Our Flight Review Program offers a convenient and effective way to fulfill your requirements and stay on top of your game. With experienced instructors and a comprehensive program that focuses on risk management and mitigation, we make it easy for you to get current and stay safe.

At All Around Alaska Flight School, we understand the importance of keeping your skills sharp as a pilot. That’s why we offer our Flight Review Program, designed to help you maintain your proficiency and stay safe in the skies. Our program is focused on the FAA’s WINGS – Pilot Proficiency Program, which aims to reduce accidents in general aviation by improving airmen’s knowledge, judgment, and skill in critical flight and ground tasks.

What is WINGS?

WINGS is a voluntary program that encourages GA pilots to engage in ongoing flying tasks and learning activities to help mitigate accident causal factors associated with common pilot errors, lack of proficiency, and faulty knowledge. At All Around Alaska Flight School, we offer both the knowledge and flight tasks required for the WINGS program to ensure you stay proficient and safe.

What Our Flight Review Program Includes

Our Flight Review Program includes both knowledge and flight tasks, each designed to assess your proficiency and skill as a pilot. Our experienced instructors will evaluate your performance and provide feedback to help you improve. We also ensure that our program meets FAA standards and guidelines so that you can feel confident in the training you receive. Plus, completion of our program qualifies as a Flight Review, which is valid for 24 months.

Why Choose All Around Alaska Flight School?

At All Around Alaska Flight School, we are committed to providing the highest quality flight training. Our instructors are experienced and knowledgeable, and our training aircraft are well-maintained and reliable. We also offer competitive pricing and flexible scheduling to fit your busy lifestyle. Join us for our Flight Review Program and keep your skills sharp as a pilot.

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