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March 26, 2024

Celebrating the Trailblazing Black Female Pilots Who Paved the Skies

Explore the groundbreaking journeys of Bessie Coleman, Carole Hopson, and Janet Harmon Bragg, black female pilots who paved the way for future generations in aviation. Learn about their legacies and how Fly Around Alaska honors their contributions.

At Fly Around Alaska, a premier flight training school nestled in the heart of Wasilla, AK, we not only teach the art of flying but also honor the rich history of aviation and the pioneers who shaped it. As we celebrate diversity and strive for inclusivity in the cockpit, we must recognize the remarkable contributions of black female pilots who broke barriers and set new heights in aviation.

bessie coleman black female pilot

Photo: Michael Ochs Archives/Getty Images

Bessie Coleman: The Sky’s the Limit

Bessie Coleman, often celebrated as the first African American and Native American female pilot, shattered the glass ceiling in the early 20th century. Despite facing the twin hurdles of racial and gender discrimination, Coleman obtained her pilot’s license in 1921, making her a symbol of perseverance and courage for aviators everywhere.

carole hopson african american pilot


Carole Hopson: A Beacon of Modern Flight

Carole Hopson, another trailblazer in aviation, stands as a testament to the progress and ongoing efforts to diversify the field. Being the only black female pilot in her class did not deter her. Instead, it fueled her mission to bring more women of color into the aviation industry, inspiring future generations to soar to new heights.

janet harmon bragg first black woman commercial pilots license

Photo: Smithsonian Institution Archives, RU 9545

Janet Harmon Bragg: Commercial Skies Beckon

In 1942, Janet Harmon Bragg made history by becoming the first black woman to earn a commercial pilot’s license. Her remarkable achievement was a significant milestone in the fight for equality in aviation and paved the way for countless aspiring pilots to follow in her footsteps.

At Fly Around Alaska, we believe the sky is not the limit but the beginning. By honoring the legacies of these extraordinary women, we are committed to fostering an environment of inclusivity and empowerment. We invite aspiring aviators of all backgrounds to join us, learn from the best, and write their chapter in the vast, blue Alaska skies.

Let’s keep the spirit of these pioneering women alive and let their stories inspire us as we continue to train, learn, and dream. For more information on our flight training programs and how you can be part of aviation’s inclusive future, visit our programs page.


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