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April 27, 2018

Student Pilot Savanah Gets Her Birthday Wish

Celebrate the success of Savanah, one of Fly Around Alaska Flight School's student pilots, as she fulfills her birthday wish of completing a solo flight. Hear about her experience and how her instructor, John, prepared her for success. Discover the safe and supportive learning environment for women at Fly Around Alaska Flight School. Contact us…

student pilot in alaska savanah

Here at Fly Around Alaska we are so happy to let everyone know Savanah got here Birthday wish. Here’s what she had to say post solo-flying success:

S: I’m so excited! I was less nervous than I expected. I took the pre-solo test—we went over what to do, what not to do, so that I could have that in the front of my mind right before I went up by myself. So helpful! I felt confident and that’s not how I had been picturing it—I expected to be way more nervous—I expected to have butterflies—but John prepared me. We went over everything I needed to go over and that left me feeling like “I know what I’m doing and I’m going to do this right.”

S: And when I was done I was like “YAY!”

E: You had a big smile on your face when you got out of that plane!

S: Yeah, like you said—I got my Birthday wish.

E: What’s next for you?

S: Cross country—the cross-country is definitely a lot more intimidating—I don’t feel as prepared on the planning part of it—But John’s good at going over things and making everything clear and then I feel like I’m set up for success. So, even though I’m nervous, I’m definitely thankful that he is the style of teacher that he is. I put so much pressure on myself but he always reminds me that I am just learning—that—at this point—I don’t need to know it all.

S: During my solo John’s voice was in my head saying “don’t put the pressure on yourself—just keep flying.” I highly recommend John. Especially for other women. It’s hard as a women to find a good flight instructor.

We are all so happy for Savanah here at Fly Around Alaska. I was personally happy to hear that our instructors are creating a safe learning environment for our students. As a woman in Alaska it’s a concern living in the male dominant world of aviation. But here at Fly Around Alaska I’ve experienced some of the most caring, tolerant, and open-minded folks in aviation—which is why I work here.

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